The Collectors

The best thing about stamp collecting is that the enthusiasm which it arouses in youth increases as the years pass. It dispels boredom, enlarges the vision, broadens our knowledge, and in innumerable ways enriches our life.

Harry D. Thorsen, Stamp Collecting



We want to share the joy we each feel in stamp collecting with you- the joy, the passion, all the richness, all the fecundity and every last lick of fulfillment.

Just like it arouses enthusiasm in the youngsters, stamp collecting also keep us young since it connects us with our inner children. You see, when we look at a stamp through the eyes of a child, it’s only then that we begin to see the little bits of paper with the authentic, wide-eyed curiosity, the innocence and the open mind that will open up a stamps hidden storehouse of secrets. That’s right. Each little piece of gummed paper is a treasure-trove of information that’s waiting to be revealed to the right investigator. On top of the fundamental qualities of child-like curiosity and wonder, to collect stamps successfully you’ll also need a healthy dose of practical skills like patience, historical and cultural interest, research skills, attention to detail and an interest in design.

Now here’s some of the history of our group of stamp collectors who founded We think as a group we’re as unique, quirky and even a little eccentric as some groups of stamps we’ve collected over the years.

The group of we 4 stamp collectors met at a Stamp Collecting conference in Denver, Colorado in summer of 1991.  We are made up of 2 married couples- Barrie and Sue, Jack and Amy. Back then we had already developed significant collections of our own as married couples. We met and made friends at the Stamp Collecting conference because a stamp-identification competition that ran during the conference. Barrie and Amy each won their categories of stamp ID competitions (Barrie was best male stamp collector and Amy was best female collector). To celebrate they went out for dinner with their spouses Sue and Jack all together. They struck up an instant friendship over sushi that evening. They became as inseparable as a bunch of activated stamps back-to-back and they’ve been sticking together ever since! I suppose they’re all good at identifying stamps and they’re all a little bit geeky in their own ways. These days everything is a little topsy-turvy: yes, that’s right- geeky is the new cool! So that means stamp collecting is the new partying… almost!

Here’s a short bio on each of us:


Hi, I’m Barrie. I’m a business analyst by day and a stamp collector (“philatelist” to use the official terminology) the rest of the time. As luck would have it, I won a bet on a horse and odds of 100:1 in the year 2000. Instead of spending the winnings, I’ve decide to invest it wisely in a stamp collection. Over the last 30 odd years I’ve personally collected over 1500 stamps of various kinds. My favorite is one from Egypt featuring the Sphinx of Giza. Every time I look at it, it takes me straight back to the best holiday of my life in 1987 when I visited Giza with my lovely wife Sue. We were newlyweds and that was our honeymoon! We even sent our parents post-cards with real stamps featuring pictures of the pyramids.

In terms of stamp-search roles, I’m the CEO and make most of the decisions about our collections- what stamps to collect and how to promote our work



Hi- I’m Sue. I’m Barrie’s wife and I’m so excited to be able to value your stamps using my expert knowledge from over 30 years in the field of stamp collecting. An accountant by profession, I’ve been able to transfer my financial skills into the world of stamps by understanding what influences their value.

Although my expertise is in the financial value of stamps, I think you can’t put a price on their cultural value. Stamps have so much to teach us if we can just learn to listen to what they have to say!

It’s my passionate, if rather naivé view that if everyone in the world collected stamps, we’d live in a kinder, more understanding world with less conflict.


Hi- I’m Amy. As’s acquisition expert which means I do a lot of the speaking to collectors and stamp-related research. As a stay-at-home mum I’ve had lots of opportunities to share this love with friends and even my kids who were a great captive audience growing up!


Hi- Jack here. As the IT guy in the group I’ve helped set up databases on stamps for various companies. Although I do part time consultancy work in IT, stamps are my real hobby. So stamps and programming/IT is the ultimate combination since it technology with funny, fiddly little bits of antiquated gummy paper. What a fascinating combo!


Now you’ve met the collector team, here’s a brief look at our group’s milestones achieved over the years:

1991- met and the idea for was born.

1992- company registered.

1992 onwards- increasing size of the stamp collection.

1998- launch first version.

2005- Barrie invited to present at the International Stamp Symposium on Chinese Floral Stamp Motifs from the 19th century.

2006-present- Stamp mania spreads like wild-fire over the internet and becomes a major outlet.